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Our Church Building Refurbishment — update: March 2018

Our Church Building Refurbishment — update: March 2018
The replacement of the tiles on the main Church roof is nearing completion and
work on the windows has started. This means that the work is now affecting the
inside of the Church as well as the outside. The higher level of disruption means
that greater care and attention will be needed as we use the Church to ensure
we all keep safe. The snow and some other issues have meant that the works
are a bit behind schedule so we are trying to give the contractor as much
uninterrupted time for the works as possible. Where possible we will be holding
weekday Masses either in the Convent or in Our Parish Schools (Tuesday and
Thursday during term time). Please use the details in the newsletter to make
sure you know where and when services are being held. The church will be in
use for Funerals, on Sundays and for Our Liturgies during Holy Week.
The Parish invited the Development and Funding Officer from the Archdiocese
to discuss how best to go about starting to pay back the money we borrowed
for the works. He advised that we should do some targeted fundraising, but
more importantly we need to develop the Parish Community so that we can
generate a regular surplus from which we can steadily reduce our debt. So
continuing to build and develop the life of Our Parish is necessary for our
fundraising and is also fundamental to our Christian Mission. Everything we can
do to build our Parish Life will help. Brother John has set us a great example and
is doing a sponsored walk next week to raise money for the building works. So
please support him in that.
Another way to help if you pay income tax is by using the Gift Aid Scheme. We
thank those who are part of the Gift Aid Scheme. The new tax year starts just
after Easter and so now is a great time to sign up if you are not already part of
the Parish Gift Aid Scheme; please do take a leaflet home with you today
(recently prepared by the Archdiocesan Finance Office) and consider becoming
a member of our Parish Gift Aid Scheme by doing so you increase the value of
your weekly donation; please return completed forms to the Parish Office.
Brother Andrew has established the Development and Fundraising Group to
start working out how best to develop the Parish moving forward. Your active
support for that group and any ideas you have for improving our parish would
be most welcome. As we Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Laying of the
Foundation Stone and Opening of the Church that provides a useful focus for
development this year, so please support the events to mark that occasion. We
also have a fantastic asset in Our Parish Centre so please support the events and
community activities and consider joining the Parish Centre (members club).
When we do specific fundraising for the building works; that money will be used
directly to reduce our debt, and when we have surplus income that too will be
used to reduce our debt. As we are no longer looking to raise a specific amount
we are taking down the chart at the back of Church. A note of how much has
been raised will be put in the newsletter from time to time. We are also putting
some photographs of the damage that has been found in the roof so you can
see how much the work was needed.
The new roof is looking great, and over the next months the works will progress
to completion. Our 80thAnniversary is upon us and we can celebrate in a newly
refurbished Church.
Many thanks for your ongoing support at this important time for Our Parish

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