Website Technical Support

If you are experiencing problems with this web site or need to make a change to the content of the web site please use the following procedure to resolve any issues.

1. You need help with adding or updating any content to this Holy Name Catholic Church Web site then please phone +44(0)776 220 1179. We use WhatsApp messenger App so feel free to send us a txt message on WhatsApp for Free (provided your mobile device is connected to the internet).

2. The web site is too slow to view. Please check your internet connection and your internet connection speed as the internet runs at different speeds depending on your geographic location and the line speed controlled by your internet service provider (ISP). If your PC is running two slow then you need to run a tidy up on your PC to speed up your hard-disk.

3. Should you need to place an advert on this web site then please first contact the Parish Office on +44(0)121 357 1351 or email your request to You may have to make a donation to the Church Parish before we can place an advert on this web site.

4. If you need an email account OR a login account at this web site, then please contact the Parish Office on +44(0)121 357 1351 or email  who will then authorize this before your request can be actioned.

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