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Masses and Services

Saturday 25th June
10.00am- John O’Sullivan RIP
10.30am-12.00pm Confessions
12.30pm- Austin Davenport RIP

Sunday 26th June
8:30am — For Parish
10:30am- Bill and Andrea Kingston
2.00pm-Baptism of Conan Leo Peter
4.00pm -Reception into Church Patrick

Monday 27th June
11.30am- Requiem Mass
Patrick Duffy

Tuesday 28th June
No Morning Mass
7.30pm- Vigil Mass St Peter & St
Paul (Intentions of Brendan Grogan)

Wednesday 29th June
9.10am- Mass at St Mark’s School
Sue Weston (Sick)
11.30am — Roy and Joan Phillips RIP

Thursday 30th June
9.15am- (in Church) Frank Watson

Friday 1st July
11.00arn. Requiem Mass
Bernard Bryson

Saturday 2nd July
10.00am- Mick Reilly RIP
10.30am- 12.00pm Confessions
12.30pm- For the Parish

Sunday 3rd July
8:30am- Michael Beirne RIP
10.30am- Mary O’Mahony RIP
12.00pm- Baptism Olivia Ciawardoni

Is desperately short of tinned Fruits, Coffee, Milk, Mash, Custard, Toiletries, Tinned Spaghetti Please be generous and thank you for all your support.

The deadline for messages to go in the weekly church newsletter will be Thursday 12.00pm every week; you may also email items to be included in the newsletter to email address info@holyname.org.uk Any messages received after that will go in the following weeks newsletter. Thank you all for your cooperation. Please ensure that you give correct dates and times for all events you want to publish in the weekly newsletter as the Parish office cannot be held responsible for any errors.

Sat 24th June Fr Petroc Howell
Sun 25th June Fr Austin Hughes
Mon 26th June Fr Paul Huynh Chanh
Tue 27st June Fr John — lbhakewanlan
Wed 28nd June Fr V lkwuka
Thurs 29rd June Fr Dominic Innamorati
Fri 30th June Fr Dominic Jacob

IMG_0607Welcome to this House of God. Talk to God before Mass. Listen to God during Mass. Talk to others after Mass.

Hello, and a very warm welcome to the web site of the ‘Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church ‘, Great Barr, Birmingham UK; known as ‘Holy Name in Great Barr’.

We are happy to extend a warm personal welcome to both parishioners and visitors through our web site. We hope that as you browse these digital pages it allows you to gain a snapshot of our life as a Parish Community; to see some of the many ministries and activities that make up our dynamic parish.

The message of the ‘Gospel of Christ’ and the liturgy, equips us not only to promote the values of the Gospel, but to live and share them with our brothers and sisters. We have many groups of people within our parish, who dedicate their time, energy and resources, to work together, to proclaim the mission of the Catholic Church in our local community.

We hope that you find this web site beneficial. ‘Where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there he is present amongst them’ (Mt.18:20) May the presence of the Lord bless and guide our thoughts, prayers and actions.