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Our web site is in the process of server upgrade over the next week. The new web server will have SSD drives instead of the traditional spindel hard disks; SSD drives are 20x faster so after the upgrade, our web site will be responding a lot faster.

FOOD BANK: We are short of tin food especially pudding please be generous and thank you for all  your support.

Newsletter – The deadline for messages to go in the weekly church newsletter will be Wednesday 11.00am in the morning every week. Any messages received after that will go in the following weeks newsletter. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Sat 23rd Jan. Fr Michael White
Sun 24th Jan Mgr Anthony Wilcox
Mon 25th Jan Mgr Graham Wilkinson
Tue 26th Jan Mgr Michael Williams
Wed 27th Jan Fr Thomas Williams
Thurs 28th Jan Fr William Wilton
Fri 29th Jan Fr Stephen Wright

WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: The group from the Churches here in Great Barr who organize the annual prayer service are need of more volunteers; if you would like to help and support? Please contact the Parish Office.

IMG_0607Welcome to this House of God. Talk to God before Mass. Listen to God during Mass. Talk to others after Mass.

Hello, and a very warm welcome to the web site of the ‘Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church ‘, Great Barr, Birmingham UK; known as ‘Holy Name in Great Barr’.

We are happy to extend a warm personal welcome to both parishioners and visitors through our web site. We hope that as you browse these digital pages it allows you to gain a snapshot of our life as a Parish Community; to see some of the many ministries and activities that make up our dynamic parish.

The message of the ‘Gospel of Christ’ and the liturgy, equips us not only to promote the values of the Gospel, but to live and share them with our brothers and sisters. We have many groups of people within our parish, who dedicate their time, energy and resources, to work together, to proclaim the mission of the Catholic Church in our local community.

We hope that you find this web site beneficial. ‘Where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there he is present amongst them’ (Mt.18:20) May the presence of the Lord bless and guide our thoughts, prayers and actions.