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Talk to God before Mass, Listen to God during Mass and Talk to others after Mass.

CHRISTMAS FAYRE: Our Parish Christmas Fayre takes place on Saturday 1st December, please place the date in your diary today! We invite you to our initial planning meeting on Wednesday 14th November at 7:30pm in the Parish Office. All are very welcome.

Please donate for the Fayre: We need, Home made Goods, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, good condition toys, bottles, toiletries, perfumes, etc.




SACRED HEART FATHERS AND BROTHERS COMMUNITY NEWS: Br John would like to share a few words of thanks for the cards, words and expressions of farewell received over the last few weeks, he has arrived safely in the Community and Parish of Corpus Christi, Nottingham and is settling into his new home; we will arrange date in the New Year for a formal farewell.


Jesus, in the Gospel is teaching us to ‘watch’ for his return, in other words, the ‘Second Coming’. How often do you think or pray for this time. Most of us do not, but we should. The return of the King is every Christian’s hope and in this hope we live and take our stand

November is traditionally the month when the Church invites us to consider the last things – death, judgement, heaven and hell. The return of Christ or the parousia, is a vital truth of our faith. We need to pray for it and long for it; perhaps our praying for the ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus will usher it in. If we live as if the Lord could return today, we would live differently, wouldn’t we?

If Jesus comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone – keep alert and watch.



This Week                                

17th— 25th November

(Psalter Week 1)

Holy Mass & Services Other Events
Saturday 17th November 10:00am Ints of Gill McCormack 10:30am – Confessions

12:30pm Lena Davenport RIP

Sunday 18th November Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B Retiring Collection for Church Maintenance 8:30am       People of the Parish

10:30am Anthony Guilfoyle RIP

Coffee & Tea after 10:30 am Mass in the Parish Centre.

Folk Group (Margaret Brennan)

8.00pm – 9:30pm – Bingo in the Centre

Monday 19th November
Feria in Ordinary Time
11:00am Divine Mercy 11:30am John Hayward RIP 7:30pm— Journey in Faith
Tuesday 20th November
Feria in Ordinary Time
9:15am Holy Name School Mass (in Church) Mary Greaves RIP
Wednesday 21st November
Memorial of the Presentation
Of the Blessed Virgin Mary
11:00am Rosary

11:30am Tom Sullivan RIP 8:00pm Baptism Talk

Thursday 22nd November
Memorial of St Cecilia,
Virgin, Martyr
9:15am Mass at St Mark’s School Bridle Martin RIP
Friday 23rd November
Feria in Ordinary Time
11:00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

11:30am Intentions for Rhonda and Family

Saturday 24th     November

Memorial of St Andrew Dung-
Lac, Priest, and         Compan-
ions, Martyrs

10:00am Intensions for Bridget Green

10:30am- Confessions

12:30pm Denis Lambe RIP

Sunday 25th November
Solemnity of our Lord
Jesus Christ, King of the
Universe, Year B
Retiring Collection for
Catholic Youth Service
8:30am Barbara Flowers RIP
10:30am People of the Parish
Coffee & Tea in the Parish Centre after 10:30am Mass. Marie and Carmel

8-9:30pm Bingo in the

Parish Centre

JOURNEY IN FAITH: Pope Francis calls the life of faith “the adventure of the quest to meet God”. You are welcome to join us as we explore the Catholic faith and seek to know God better. Our Journey in Faith continues on Monday 19th November at 7.30 pm, with the theme “Meeting Jesus in the Mass The Scripture Readings.

HOLY SOULS BOX: November is the month of Holy Souls. During this month you are invited to pray for all the souls of faithful departed. There are some month of the Holy Souls. envelopes in the narthex for you to use. In this envelopes please put the names of your deceased Parents, Relatives. Friends and all for whom you wish to pray. Please DO NOT put money in this envelopes. If you wished to offer a Holy Mass for them during the month of November, please contact the Parish Office to book a Mass. The Holy Souls Box will be brought to the Altar with Offertory Procession on Sundays.

This Holy Name of Jesus Parish is part of The Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham UK; Birmingham Diocesan Trust, Registered Charity No. 234216 in the United Kingdom. Website Link is http://www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk/

The Holy Name church carpark is a private car park for people using the church, school and the parish centre. If you wish to park here again, please contact the Parish Office on 9 Cross Lane B43 6LN to make arrangements. A donation will be required. It is of great importance that you are aware that all registration plates are recorded and any vehicles not authorised to park there will be reported to the local council and parking tickets may be issued.

The deadline for messages to go in the weekly church newsletter will be Thursday 12.00pm every week; you may also email items to be included in the newsletter to email address info@holyname.org.uk Any messages received after that will go in the following weeks newsletter. Thank you all for your cooperation. Please ensure that you give correct dates and times for all events you want to publish in the weekly newsletter as the Parish office cannot be held responsible for any errors.

IMG_0607Welcome to this House of God. Talk to God before Mass. Listen to God during Mass. Talk to others after Mass.

Hello, and a very warm welcome to the web site of the ‘Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church ‘, Great Barr, Birmingham UK; known as ‘Holy Name in Great Barr’.

We are happy to extend a warm personal welcome to both parishioners and visitors through our web site. We hope that as you browse these digital pages it allows you to gain a snapshot of our life as a Parish Community; to see some of the many ministries and activities that make up our dynamic parish.

The message of the ‘Gospel of Christ’ and the liturgy, equips us not only to promote the values of the Gospel, but to live and share them with our brothers and sisters. We have many groups of people within our parish, who dedicate their time, energy and resources, to work together, to proclaim the mission of the Catholic Church in our local community.

We hope that you find this web site beneficial. ‘Where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there he is present amongst them’ (Mt.18:20) May the presence of the Lord bless and guide our thoughts, prayers and actions.