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The Holy Name Parish in Great Barr is a Catholic Christian Church in the care of the Fathers and Brothers of The Sacred Heart of Jesus (Betharram) religious order and is located within The Blessed Miriam of Jesus Crucified Region of care as shown on  this map


Website Link is  http://www.betharram.net/en/

Community of Great Barr, North Birmingham; Web Site Link is http://www.betharram.net/en/famille-en/ou-en/blessed-miriam-of-jesus-crucified-region/vicariate-of-england/archdiocese-of-birmingham/community-of-great-barr

Vicarate of England Regional Vicar web site link is http://www.betharram.net/en/famille-en/ou-en/blessed-miriam-of-jesus-crucified-region/vicariate-of-england

Community of Olton, South Birmingham; Web Site Link is http://www.betharram.net/en/famille-en/ou-en/blessed-miriam-of-jesus-crucified-region/vicariate-of-england/archdiocese-of-birmingham/community-of-olton

“The Sacred Heart is a symbol of the Christian faith especially dear to ordinary people as to mystics and theologians, because it expresses the good news of love in a symbol and authentic way, encapsulating the  mystery of Incarnation and Redemption”. (Benedict XVI)

The Holy Name Parish is part of The Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham UK; Birmingham Diocesan Trust, Registered Charity No. 234216 in the United Kingdom.


Website Link is http://www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk/

The Holy Name Parish is part of the world wide Catholic Church as represented by The Holy See: The Pope who is the Bishop of the city of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church based in the Vatican city which is a sovereign state within the city of Rome in Italy.


Website Link is http://www.vatican.va


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