Parish Boundary

This is the Holy Name of Jesus, Great Barr, West Midlands Parish Boundary given at the Archdiocese of Birmingham on the 29th December 1959 A.D. by Francis Joseph Grimshaw, Archbishop of Birmingham and Eugene O’Sullivan, Diocesan Vice-Chancellor at that time. The original parish boundary printed on a poster size paper has deteriorated with age and the map on which it was based at that time has changed a lot since it was first printed on paper; it is housed in a glass frame in the parish office. The following boundary map is using the latest Google Map Technology. You can use the mouse to zoom in/out and scroll the map in any direction.

Please use the map below to determine if you live within the Holy Name Catholic Church Parish boundary.  The Holy Name Catholic Church Parish boundary determines the parish jurisdiction where the parish church and parish schools services are provided within the limits of the parish geographical boundary as shown in the interactive map below.


The master parish boundary interactive map of all the parishes in the Archdiocese of Birmingham can be viewed at

The Global Fathers and Brothers Sacred Heart of Jesus (Betharram) region of service and care can be viewed on a map at

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