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The deadline for messages to go in the weekly church newsletter will be Thursday 12.00pm every week; you may also email items to be included in the newsletter to email address info@holyname.org.uk Any messages received after that will go in the following weeks newsletter. Thank you all for your cooperation. Please ensure that you give correct dates and times for all events you want to publish in the weekly newsletter as the Parish office cannot be held responsible for any errors.

  1. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Lent Year “B” 24th Feb – 4rth March 2018. newsletter2ndSundayofLentYearB24Feb-4thMarch2018
  2. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Lent. Year “B” 17th – 25th February 2018. newsletter1stSundayOfLentYearB17th-25thFebruary2018
  3. Newsletter 6th Sunday of Year “B” World Day Of Prayer For The Sick 10th – 18th February 2018. newsletter6thSundayofYearBWorldDayOfPrayerForTheSick10th-18thFeb2018
  4. Newsletter 5th Sunday of Year “B” 3rd Sunday of Year “B” 3rd – 11th Feb 2018. newsletter5thSundayofYearB3rdFeb-11thFeb2016
  5. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Year “B” Racial Justice Day 27th January – 4th February 2018. newsletter4thSundayYearBRacialJustice27Jan-4Feb2018
  6. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Year “B” 20th – 28th Jan 2018. newsletter3rdSundayofYearB20th-28thJan2018
  7. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Year “B” World Peace Day 13th – 21st Jan 2018. newsletter2ndSundayofYearBWorldPeaceDay13th-21stJan2018
  8. Newsletter The Epiphany Of The Lord Year “B” 6th January  – 14th January 2018. newsletterTheEpiphanyOfTheLordYearB6th-14thJan2018
  9. Newsletter The Holy Family Of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Year “B” 30th December 2017 – January 2018. newsletterTheHolyFamilyOfJesusMaryandJosephYearB30Dec-7Jan2018
  10. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Advent Year “B” 23rd – 31st December 2017. newsletter4thSundayofAdventYearB23rd-31stDec2017
  11. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Advent Year “B” 16th-24th December 2017. newsletter3rdSundayofAdventYearB16-24Dec2017
  12. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Advent Year “B” 9th – 17th December 2017. 2ndSundayofAdventYearB9-17Dec2017
  13. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Advent Year “B” Day For Prayers For Migrants 2nd – 10th Dec 2017. newsletter 1stSundayofAdventYearBDayForPrayerForMigrants2nd-10thDec2017
  14. Newsletter 34th Sunday Year “A” Feast of Christ The King. 25th November 2017 – 3rd December 2017. newsletter34thSundayYearAFeastOfChristTheKing25thNov-3rdDec2017
  15. Newsletter 33rd Sunday Year “A” 8th – 26th November 2017. newsletter33rdSundayYearA8th-26thNovember2017
  16. Newsletter 32nd Sunday Year “A” 11th – 19th November 2017. newsletter32ndSundayYearA11th-19thNov2017RemembranceDay
  17. Newsletter 31st Sunday Year “A” 4th – 12th November 2017. newsletter31stSundayYearA4th-12thNov2017
  18. Newsletter 30th Sunday Year “A” 28th October – 5th November 2017. newsletter20thSundayYearA28Oct-8thNov2017
  19. Newsletter 29th Sunday Year “A” World Mission Sunday 21st-29th October 2017. newsletter29thSundayYearAWorldMissionSunday21-29thOctober2017
  20. Newsletter 28th Sunday Year “A” 14th – 22nd October 2017. newsletter28thSundayYearA14-22Oct2017
  21. Newsletter 27th Sunday Year “A” Day of Prayer For Prisoners and their dependants. 7th – 15th October 2017. newsletter 27thSundayYearADayForPrayerForPrisonersAndTheirDependants7th-15thOctober2017
  22. Newsletter 26th Sunday Year “A” 30th Sept 2017 – 8th Oct 2017. 26thSunday YearA30Sept2017-8October2017
  23. Newsletter 25th Harvest Festival Sunday Year “A” 23rd Sept – 1st Oct 2017. newsletter25thSundayHarvestFestivalYearA23rdSept-1stOct2017
  24. Newsletter 24th Sunday Year “A” 16th Sept – 24th Sept 2017. newsletter24SundayYearA16-24Sept2017
  25. Newsletter 23rd Sunday Year “A” 9th – 17th Sept 2017. newsletter23SundayYearA9th-17thSept2017
  26. Newsletter 22nd Sunday Year “A” 2nd Sept – 10th Sept 2017. newsletter22SundayYearA2ndSept-10Sept2017
  27. Newsletter 21st Sunday Year “A” 26th August – 3rd September 2017. newsletter21SundayYearA26Aug-3Sept2017
  28. Newsletter 20th Sunday Year “A” 19th-27th Aug 2017. newsletter20SundayYearA19-27Aug2017
  29. Newsletter 19th Sunday Year “A” 12th-20th August 2017. newsletter19SundayYearA12-20Aug2017
  30. Newsletter 18th Sunday The Transfiguration Of The Lord Year “A” 5th – 13th August 2017. newsletter18SundayTheTransfigurationofTheLordYearA5-13Aug2017
  31. Newsletter 17th Sunday Year “A” 29th July – 6 Aug 2017. newsletter17SundayYearA28July-6Aug2017
  32. Newsletter 16th Sunday Year “A” 22nd – 30th July 2017. newsletter16SundayYearA22July-30July2017
  33. Newsletter 15th Sunday Year “A” 15th July 2017 – 23rd July 2017. newsletter15SundayYearA15-23July2017
  34. Newsletter 14th Sunday Sea Sunday Year “A” 8th July – 15th July 2017. newsletter14SundaySeaSundayYearA8July-16July2017
  35. Newsletter 13th Sunday Year “A” 1st July – 9th July 2017. newsletter13SundayYearA1-9July2017
  36. Newsletter 12th Sunday Year “A” 24th June 2017 – 2nd July 2017. newsletter12thSundayYearA24June-2July2017
  37. Newsletter Corpus Christi Year “A” 17th June – 25th June 2017. newsletterCorpusChristiYearA17-25Jun2017
  38. Newsletter Most Holy Trinity Year “A” 10th June – 18 June 2017. newsletterMosttHolyTrinityYearA10-18June2017
  39. Newsletter Pentecost Sunday Year “A” 3rd June – 11th June 2017. newsletterPentecostSundayYearA3rd June-11thJune2017
  40. Newsletter 7th Sunday of Easter. The Ascension of The Lord World Communications Day Year “A” 27th May – 4th June 2017. newsletter7thSundayofEasterAscensionofLordWorldCommsDayYearA27May-4June2017
  41. Newsletter 6th Sunday Of Easter Year “A” 20th – 28th May 2017. newsletter6thSundayofEasterYearA20th-28thMay2017
  42. Newslettter 5th Sunday Of Easter Year “A” 13th – 21st May 2017. 5thSundayOfEasterYearA13th – 21stMay2017
  43. Newsletter 4th Sunday Of Easter Year “A” World Day Of Prayer For Vocations 6th May 2017 – 14th May 2017. newsletter4SundayOfEasterWorldDayOfPrayerForVocationsYearA6th-14thMay2017
  44. Newsletter 3rd Sunday Of Easter Year “A” 29th April 2017 To 7th May 2017. newsletter3rdSundayOfEasterYearA29thApril-7thMay2017
  45. Newsletter 2nd Sunday Easter Year “A” 22nd April 2017 To 30th April 2017. newsletter2ndEasterSundayYearA22ndApril2017To30thApril2017
  46. Newsletter Easter Sunday Year “A” 15th April 2017 to 23rd April 2017. EasterSundayYearA15-23April2017
  47. Newsletter Palm Sunday Year “A” 8th April 2017 to 16th April 2017. newsletterPalmSundayYEarA8th-16thApril2017
  48. Newsletter 5th Sunday of Lent of Year “A” 1st April 2017 to 9th April 2017. newsletter5thSundayofLentYearA1st-9thApril2017
  49. Newsletter 4rth Sunday of Lent Year “A” 25th March 2017 – 2nd April 2017. newsletter4thSundayofLentYearA25March2017-2nsApril2017
  50. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Lent Year “A” 18th March 2017 – 26th March 2017. newsletter3rdSundayofLentYearA18March-26March2017
  51. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Lent Year “A” 11th March 2017 – 19th March 2017. newsletter2ndSundayofLentYearA11thMarch-19thMarch2017
  52. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Lent Year “A” 4th March 2017 – 12th March 2017. newsletter1stSundayofLentYearA4thMarch2017-12thMarch2017
  53. Newsletter 8th Sunday of Year “A” Day For The Unemployed. 25th February – 5th March 2017. newsletter8thSundayDayForTheUnemployed25Feb-5March2-017
  54. Newsletter 7th Sunday of Year “A” 18th February – 26th February 2017. newsletter7thSundayYearA18-26February2017
  55. Newsletter 6th Sunday of Year “A” Racial Justice Day. 11th February 2017 To 19th February 2017. 6thSundayOfYearARacialJustice11-19Feb2017
  56. Newsletter 5th Sunday if Year “A” 4th – 12th February 2017. newsletter5thSundaypfYearA4thFeb2017-12thFeb2017
  57. Newsletter 4rth Sunday of Year “A” 28th January 2017 To 5th February 2017. newsletter4thSundayofYearA28Jan-5Feb2017
  58. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Year “A” 21st To 29th January 2017. newsletter3rdSunday21-29January2017
  59. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Year “A” 14th To 22th January 2017 World Day Of Prayer For Peace. newsletter2ndsundayofyeara14-22january2017
  60. Newsletter The Epiphany Of The Lord Year “A” 7th January 2017 To 15th January 2017. newslettertheepiphanyofthelordyeara7jan2017-15jan2017
  61. Newsletter Mary The Holy Mother Of God Year “A” 31st December 2016 To 8th January 2017. newslettermarytheholymotherofgod-yeara-31dec2106-8jan2017
  62. Newsletter The Nativity Of The Lord Christmas Day Year “A” 25th December 2016 To 1st January 2017. newsletterthenativityofthelordchristmasdayyeara25dec2016-1jan2017
  63. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Advent Year “A” Day of Prayer for Expectant Mothers 17th December 2016 – 25th December 2016. newsletter4sundayadventyearadayofprayerforexpectanmothers17-25dec2016
  64. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Advent Day Of Prayer For Expectant Mothers Year “A” 10th – 18th December 2016. newsletter3rdsundayofadventdaysofprayerforexpectantmothersyeara19-18dec2016
  65. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Advent. Day of Prayer For Migrants. Year “A” 3rd December 2016 to 11th December 2016. newsletter2ndSundayOfAdvent.DayOfPrayerForMigrantsYearA3rdDec2016To11thDec2016
  66. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Advent. Year “A” 26th November 2016 – 4th December 2016. newsletter1stSundayofAdventYearA26thNov2016-Dec2016
  67. Newsletter 34th Sunday. Year “C” 19th November 2016 – 27th November 2016. newsletter34SundayYouthDayYearC19thNovember-27thNovember2016
  68. Newsletter 33rd Sunday. Year “C” 12th November 2016 – 20th November 2016. newsletter33SundayRemembranceDayYearC12Nov-20Nov2-016
  69. Newsletter 32nd Sunday. Year “C” 5th November 2016 – 13th November 2016. newsletter32ndSundayYearC5thNovember-13thNovember2016
  70. Newsletter 31st Sunday. Year “C” 29th October – 6th November 2016. newsletter31stSundayYearC29thOctober-6thNovember2016
  71. Newsletter 30th Sunday. World Mission Day Year “C” 22nd October – 30th 2016. newsletter30SundayWorldMissionDayYearC22October2016-30October2016
  72. Newsletter 29th Sunday Year “C” 15th October 2016 to 23rd October 2016. newsletter29SundayYearC15October2016-23October2016
  73. Newsletter 28th Sunday Day of Prayer For Prisoners and Their Dependants. Year “C” 8th October to 16th October 2016. newsletter28SundayDaysofPrayerFroPrisonersandTheirDependantsYearC8thOct-16Oct2016
  74. Newsletter 27th Sunday Year “C”  1st October to 9th October 2016. newsletter27SundayYearC1Oct-9Oct2016
  75. Newsletter 26th Sunday Year “C” Harvest Festival 24 September – 2nd October 2016. newsletter26SundayYearC24Sept-2ndOctober2016
  76. Newsletter 25th Sunday Year “C” Home Mission Day 17th Sept – 25th Sept 2016. Newsletter25SundayHomeMissionDayYearC17Sept-25Sept2016
  77. Newsletter 24th Sunday Year “C” 10th Sept – 18th Sept 2016. newsletter24SundayEducationDayYearC10Sept-18Sept2016
  78. Newsletter 23rd Sunday Year “C” 3rd Sept – 11th Sept 2016. newsletter23SundayYearC3rdSept-11thSept2016
  79. Newsletter 22nd Sunday Year “C” 27th Aug 2016 – 4rth Sept 2016. newsletter22SundayYearC27Aug-4thSept2016
  80. Newsletter 21st Sunday Year “C” 20th Aug – 28th Aug 2016. newsletter21SundayYearC20Aug-28Aug2016
  81. Newsletter 20th Sunday Year “C” The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 13th Aug-21st Aug 2016. newsletterAssumptionBlessedMary20Sunday13th-21Aug2016
  82. Newsletter 19th Sunday Year “C” 6th Aug to 14th Aug 2016. newsletter19thSundayYearC6th-14thAugust2016
  83. Newsletter 18th Sunday Year “C” 30th July to 6th August 2016. newsletter18SundayYearC20July-6Aug2016
  84. Newsletter 17th Sunday For Life Year “C” 23rd to 31st July 2016. newsletter17thSundayDayForLifeYearC23-31July2016
  85. Newsletter 16th Sunday Year “C” 16th and 17th July 2016. newsletter16SundayYearC16and17July2016
  86. Newsletter 15th Sunday Year “C” 9th and 10th July 2016. newsletter15thSundayYearC2and3July2016
  87. Newsletter 14th Sunday Year “C” 2nd and 3rd July 2016. newsletter14SundayYearC2and3July2016
  88. Newsletter 13th Sunday Year “C” 25th and 26th June 2016. newsletter13thSundayYearC25and26June2016
  89. Newsletter 12th Sunday Year “C” 18th and 19th June 2016. newsletter12thSundayYearC18and19June2016
  90. Newsletter 11th Sunday Year “C” 11th and 12th June 2016. newsletter11SundayYEarC11and12June2016
  91. Newsletter 10th Sunday Year “C” 4th and 5th June 2016. 10thSundayYearC4thand5thJune2016
  92. Newsletter Corpus Christi Year “C” 28th and 29th May 2016. newsletterCorpusChristiYearC28and29May2016
  93. Newsletter The Most Holy Trinity Year “C” 21st and 22nd May 2016. newsletterTheMostHolyTrinityYearC21stand22May2016
  94. Newsletter Pentecost Year “C” 14th and 15th May 2016. newsletter_Pentecost_14thAnd15thMay2016
  95. Newsletter The Ascension Of The Lord Year “C” 7th and 8th May 2016. newsletterTheAscensionOfTheLordYearC7and8May2016
  96. Newsletter 6th Sunday of Easter Year “C” 30th April and 1st May 2016. newsletter6SundayofEasterYearC30Apriland1May2016
  97. Newsletter 5th Sunday of Easter Year “C” 23rd And 24th April 2016. newsletter5thSundayOfEasterYearC23and24April2016
  98. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Easter Year C World Day of Prayer for Vocations 16th and 17th April 2016. newsletter4thSundayOfEasterCWorldDayOfPrayerForVocations16and17April2016
  99. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Easter Year “C” 9th and 10th april 2016. newsletter3rdSundayOfEasterYearC9and10April2016
  100. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Easter Divine Mercy Year “C” 2nd and 3rd April 2016. newsletter2ndSundayofEasterDivineMercyYearC2andApril2016
  101. Newsletter Easter Sunday Year “C” 26th and 27th March 2016. newsletterEasterSundayYearC26and27March2016
  102. Newsletter Palm Sunday Passion of the Lord Year “C” 19th and 20th March 2016. NewsletterPalmSundayPassionoftheLordYearC19and20March2016
  103. Newsletter 5th Sunday of Lent Year “C” 12th and 13th March 2016. newsletter5thSundayOfLentYearC12thand13thMarch2016
  104. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Lent Year “C” 5th and 6th March 2016. newsletter4thSundayofLentYearC5thand6thMarch2016
  105. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Lent Year “C” 27th and 28th February 2016. newsletter3rdSundayofLentYearC27and28February2016
  106. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Lent Year “C” 20th and 21st February 2016. Newsletter2ndSundayofLentyearC20thAnd21stFebruary2016
  107. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Lent Year “C” 13th and 14th February 2016. Newsletter1stSundayofLentYearC13and14February2016
  108. Newsletter 5th Sunday of Year “C” Day for the Unemployed 6th and 7th February 2016. Newsletter5thSundayofYearCDayForTheUnemployed6thand7thFebruary2016
  109. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Year “C” 30th and 31st January 2016. Newsletter4thSundayYearC30thto31stJanuary2016
  110. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of the Year “C” Peace Day 16th and 17th January 2016. Newsletter2ndSundayOfYearCPeaceDay16and17January2016
  111. Newsletter The Baptism of the Lord Year “C” 9th and 10th January 2016. newsletterTheBaptismofTheLordYearC-9thand10thJanuary2016
  112. Newsletter The Epiphany of the Lord Year “C” 2nd and 3rd January 2016. newsletter2ndand3rdJanuary2016
  113. Newsletter Feast of Holy Family Year “C” 26th and 27th December 2015. newsletter26th-27th December2015
  114. Newsletter 4th Sunday of Advent Year “C” 19th and 20th December 2015 Newsletter4thSunday of AdventYearC19thand20thDecember2015
  115. Newsletter 3rd Sunday of Advent Year “C” 12th and 13th December 2015 NewsletterSundayOfAdventYearC12thand13thDecember2015
  116. Newsletter 2nd Sunday of Advent Year “C” 5th and 6th December 2015. Newsletter2ndSundayAdventYearC5th-6th December2015
  117. Newsletter 1st Sunday of Advent Year “C” 28th and 29th November 2015. newsletter1stSunday28-29November2015
  118. Newsletter 34 Sunday of year B. Feast Of Christ The King. 21st and 22nd November 2015. newsletter34thSundayFeastOfChristTheKing21stAnd22ndNovember2015
  119. Newsletter 33 Sunday of year B. 14th and 15th November 2015. newsletter33sunday14-15November2015
  120. Newsletter Remembrance Sunday. 7th and 8th November 2015. newsletterRemembranceSunday7thand8thNovember2015
  121. Newsletter Solemnity of All Saints. 31st Oct-1st Nov newsletterSolemnity31sOct-1stNov2015
  122. Newletter 30th Sunday. 24-25 Oct 2015 newsletter30thSunday24-25October2015
  123. Newsletter 29th Sunday. 17-18 Oct 2015 newsletter29thSunday17-18October2015
  124. Newsletter 28th Sunday. 10-11 Oct 2015 newsletter28Sun10-11October2015
  125. Newsletter 27th Sunday. 3-4 Oct 2015 newsletter27thsun3-4oct2015
  126. Newsletter 26th Sunday. 26-27 Sep 2015 newsletter26thsun26-27sept2015
  127. Newsletter 25th Sunday. 19-20 Sep 2015 newsletter25Sun19-20sept2015
  128. Newsletter 24th Sunday. 12-13 Sep 2015 newsletter24sun12-13sep2015
  129. Newsletter 23rd Sunday. 05-06 Sep 2015 newsletter23sun05-06sep2015
  130. Newsletter 22nd Sunday. 29-30 Aug 2015 newsletter22sun29-30aug2015
  131. Newsletter 21th Sunday. 22-23 Aug 2015 newsletter21sun22-23aug2015
  132. Newsletter 20th Sunday. 15-16 Aug 2015 newsletter20sun15-16aug2015 – Assumption of the Blessed Mary
  133. Newsletter 19th Sunday. 8-9 Aug 2015 newsletter19sun08-09aug2015
  134. Newsletter 18th Sunday. 1-2 Aug 2015 newsletter18sun01-02aug2015 – The Eucharist
  135. Newsletter 17th Sunday. 25-26 July 2015 newsletter17sun25-26jul2015
  136. Newsletter 16th Sunday. 18-19 July 2015 newsletter16sun18-19jul2015
  137. Newsletter 15th Sunday. 16-17 May 2015 newsletter15sun16-17may2015 – The Ascension